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To provide you the most current information in an economical manner, all of our reports are delivered in a computer-readable format, which can be viewed and printed on your computer.  We do not provide hard copies of our reports.   Unfortunately we cannot provide refunds on email or download orders.   


Ordering Instructions 

1. Online

We have provided a convenient and Secure Order Form that allows you to order from Top Secret Publishing while online.

All reports are sent in computer format via download codes, email or on disk.  You will receive the download codes via email within an hour of approval of your order.  Upon request we will send the disks by mail or report by email.  

For CREDIT CARD (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover/Novus) orders, use our Secure Credit Card service from PayPal, or by Electronic Check (eCheck) through PayPal.

Credit Magic & Financial Secrets - $19.95


Insider Investment Guide - $19.95


Government Giveaways - $9.95


Legal Forms Assistant - $19.95


Business Letters Maker - $19.95


Free Energy Projects - $24.95


Zero Point Energy Insights - $14.95


New Energy Future - $14.95


For ELECTRONIC CHECK orders, please use PayPal (listed above).

1) Setup a free PayPal account. 
2) Click on the Send Money tab, and fill in the details to pay for the order to Top Secret Publishing. 
3) Click on Funding Options, and chose source as eCheck. 
4) Fill in your bank and Electronic Check details, and PayPal will clear your eCheck quickly, and send the funds to Top Secret Publishing.


2. Mail

Select and print the Mail/Fax Order Form. We accept personal checks, corporate checks and money orders. Complete the form and forward it to us via the postal service:

Top Secret Publishing
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