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Free Energy Projects

"Ere many generations pass, our machinery will be driven by power obtainable at any point in the is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature." - Nikola Tesla 

We've complied together the most up-to-date free energy plans and other details in this report, which is 225 pages in length and nearly 2 megabytes of information.

Detailed plans and diagrams on how to power your car on water. You can also power your lawnmower, a generator to power your home, for cooking and heating, even for water pumping and space refrigeration. We provide detailed plans from an inventor who has converted his car to run solely on water -- and has been doing so for many years. These plans are not concept or theory, but a tried and proven design. These plans alone are worth the cost of this report.

A simple system which will improve your car mileage by at least 25% and costs less than $12.

Plans and diagrams for: a pollution-free fuel used by Caterpillar, a process to extract water from the air, a rotating electrostatic self-running machine secretly in use in Europe, an air-driven turbine inspired by Schauberger, a solar box cooker, a solid-state free energy converter using parts available at Radio Shack, a unique water pump, a Van de Graf generator, a solar water desalinization plant, a water electrostatic generator, a Tesla high-voltage generator, a wind generator, several designs for over-unity motor/generators, a crystal power generator, how to extract energy from the air, a simple battery made with salt, flying vehicles, anti-gravity and levitation secrets, free energy experiments, and much, much more.

A complete list of devices suppressed by the US Government -- includes dates, patent numbers, and other details.

How to test your free energy machine and prepare it for commercialization

A detailed review of Free Energy experimenters and their machines.

Insights into our scientific system -- why have these machines been suppressed, and when will they be available?

An expose on the Standard Oil Trust. This is not conspiracy theory -- it's conspiracy fact. Learn how this powerful organization within the hands of a few men control and manipulate our domestic and international policies, and yes...the energy industry -- a nearly $5 trillion a year business. Includes a list of Standard Oil Trust executives.

Understand the role of the CIA in the Global Oil Conspiracy. Why did we really fight the Gulf War -- how the CIA manipulates the media -- where are vast oil reserves that the CIA is trying to control?

And much, much more...

As a bonus, we've also included

A list of over 190 free-energy and other advanced energy patents! Along with 8 foreign over-unity patents!

A list of 188 fuel economy and engine enhancement patents!

A list of 29 electromagnetic and ionic propulsion (anti-gravity) patents!

Zero Point Energy Insights

"Thus he then classified living creatures into genera and species, and divided them in every way until he came to their elements, which he called the five shapes and bodies - aether, fire, water, earth and air." - Xenocrates, On the life of Plato

Many physicists know that we are immersed in an energetic field. The existence of zero point electromagnetic energy was discovered in 1958 by the Dutch physicist M J Sparnaay. Mr Sparnaay continued the experiments carried out by Hendrik B G Casimir in 1948 which showed the existence of a force between two uncharged parallel plates which arose from electromagnetic radiation surrounding the pates in a vacuum. Mr Sparnaay discovered that the forces acting on the plates arose from not only thermal energy, but also from another type of radiation now known as classical electromagnetic zero point energy. Mr Sparnaay determined that not only did the zero point electromagnetic energy exist in a vacuum, but also that it persisted even at a temperature of absolute zero.

This term Zero Point Energy has been based on the concept that even if matter were cooled down to absolute zero (minus 273 degree C), in terms of its temperature, this energy still remains. Because it exists in a vacuum, ZPE is homogenous and isotropic as well as ubiquitous. In addition, since ZPE is also invariant with respect to Lorentz transformation, the ZPE spectrum has the characteristic that the intensity of the energy at any frequency is proportional to the cube of that frequency.

Consequently, the intensity of the energy increases resulting in an infinite energy density for the radiation spectrum. It appears that this energy is quite intense. Nobel Laureate Richard Feynman and one of Einstein’s protégés, John Wheeler, calculated that there is more than enough energy in the volume of a coffee cup to evaporate all the worlds’ oceans. We fail to easily recognize this immense energy source as it is analogous to trying to weigh a beaker of water underneath the ocean.

With the introduction of zero point energy into the classical electron theory, a vacuum at a temperature of absolute zero is no longer considered empty of all electromagnetic fields. Instead, the vacuum is now considered as filled with randomly fluctuating fields having the ZPE spectrum. It is thought that one of the most extraordinary manifestations of ZPE is the random intense fluctuations in energy levels of electrons. Electrons are continuously changing state: energy into matter and back into energy again, as Einstein revealed.

Special characteristics of ZPE are that it has a virtually infinite energy density and that it is ubiquitous (even present in outer space), and these make it very desirable as an energy source.

Andre Sakharov, the Soviet Physicist, argued that we should regard all matter as floating in a sea of energy. Modern physics tells us that the space between the stars and the space between the particles that which make up matter are filled with vast amounts of fluctuating energy: fluctuations that are fundamental to our view of the fabric of nature.

However, because high energy densities exist at very high frequencies, and because conventional methods are able to convert or extract energy effectively or efficiently only at lower frequencies at which ZPE has relatively low energy densities, effectively tapping this energy source has been believed to be unavailable using conventional techniques for converting this electromagnetic energy to electrical or other forms of easily useable energy.

Consequently, zero point electromagnetic energy which may potentially be used to power interplanetary craft as well as provide for society’s other needs has remained unharnessed, until now.

Various researchers around the world have been discovering scientific anomalies which are being attributed to the conversion of ZPE. It is also thought that discovering the secret of ZPE could be the key to opening the door to a unified theory of the Universe. In other words, our current understanding of science is like a puzzle with a large missing piece. ZPE would be the missing piece which completes the picture, possibly ushering a "Second Coming" of science.

In essence, the implication of this energy field, is that all physical matter can be considered to be floating in a sea of energy, which if collected and converted into electrical energy, could more than meet the world’s insatiable energy demand.

Learn more about this energy source -- how it works, and how to tap and harness its awesome power, in over 300 pages of detailed explanations and theory by the best minds in field:

Dr Harold Puthoff, Thomas E Bearden, Michael Odenwald, Toby Grotz, Arthur C Clarke, Ken Shoulders, Timothy Boyer, Richard Feynman, Bernhard Haisch, Alfonso Rueda, Hendrik Casimir, Dr Steve Lamoreaux, Peter Hahn, Newton, Albert Einstein, Maxwell, Nikola Tesla, Walter Russel, Paul Stowe, Warren York, Mathew Campbell, Henry Warren, Dr Robert Forward, and more...

New Energy Future

Outlining the Global Impact on Society Resulting from the Introduction of Breakthrough, Economical, Fuel-less, and Pollution-free Energy Sources 

The introduction and implementation of new, revolutionary energy sources will change the course of man everywhere on the planet. This power source will rank with fire, the wheel, and the internal combustion engine as a shaper of man’s destiny.

The possibilities are extraordinary. Every industry on earth will change, and eventually every person on earth will be affected. There will be no more air pollution from internal combustion engines. Many urban areas will be given a new lease on their environmental lives because these energy sources are absolutely non-polluting. The air will be clean again, because most air pollution comes from burning fossil fuel. Oil business will be relegated to the supply needed to manufacture plastics, lubricants, and hydraulic fluid. There will be no more nuclear power sources needed for submarine or electrical generation, and a huge hazardous waste disposal dilemma will become manageable.

The utility business as we know it will become obsolete as rapidly as energy consumers, both residential and commercial, can acquire the new generators. Every industry uses energy. Nearly every product uses energy. When products are redesigned to take advantage of the new features and freedom this energy source will provide, many will be revolutionized and improved tremendously. Air travel will be revolutionized because its new lower cost fares. No fuel costs will be added to other airline fees. Our aircraft will fly at full more "cruising speed" to preserve fuel. High speed trains will not be driven by diesel but by the new power source, and will ride on a magnetic field instead of directly on the track; comfort, speed and economy will be the result.

At last we will have practical portable computers. Agriculture will be revolutionized. Large scale distillation of ocean water may allow the deserts to bloom. Dazzling new products we cannot even imagine will suddenly appear.

It will be many years before products take full advantage of new energy. It will take prodigious amounts of work and investment capital. The capital will come from consumers. They will be delighted to pay less for new energy automobiles than gasoline powered models, especially when the new energy autos will be more reliable, more powerful, and will never require fuel. You will be happy to spend less money then the cost of an air conditioner for a home power system that saves you $150 or much more per month in gas and electricity.


The gradual changeover to new energy sources will not cost the consumer, because all equipment typically wears out after 20 or 30 years. Most people will put off buying a new energy car until their old gasoline car wears out or until the last gas station in the neighborhood goes out of business.

Countries where the generator is manufactured will be able to shift their imbalance of trade, since new energy will be a technology the world will have to have to stay competitive.

As the oil industries and the utility businesses fade away, new industries will take their place. In the short run, 20 years or so, the retro-fit business, converting internal combustion engine driven cars to the new energy source, converting homes and businesses to magnetic generators, these demands will develop hundreds of thousands of new jobs.

This changeover will be the biggest technological mega-project in history. It will happen spontaneously, everywhere; without planning, without direction. It will be like the microcomputer explosion. Dozens of companies will sprout up, dozens of old ones will die off. Companies that sell energy conservation equipment will disappear, while new companies will blossom by selling things like flashlights that stay on for decades, welding equipment you do not have to plug in, and scuba diving equipment that never runs out of air because it extracts oxygen from water. Ideas, gadgets, and innovation will come from every direction, in a madcap free-for-all. It will be capitalism at its best.

There never has been a more exciting look at the future than now. The energy revolution will become reality and all mankind will benefit in 210 pages of detailed and thought-provoking articles.


Learn more about the coming changes to our planet as a result of the energy revolution. Learn where to invest in the Apple's and Microsoft's of tomorrow. Learn how you can benefit and prosper from these breakthroughs. The sections to this report include:

* The Revolution is on the Horizon

* New Energy Impact on Society

* The Third Wave

* Reinventing the World: Social and Economic Effects of Cold Fusion

* "...And Promises to Keep"

* Utility Investors

* Electric Utility Cooperation Plan

* On Solving the Great Problems of the World

* True Expenditures on Energy

* New Century Agenda for the North-South Gap

* Mideast Oil Forever?

* Societal Costs of Energy

* Empowerment - the Life Force of the Energy Revolution

* Space Drive: A Fantasy That Could Become Reality

* Techno Star-Gazing

* On Deadly Ground

* An Odyssey of Sorts

* The "Free Energy" Revolution Is Upon Us!

* Infinite Energy

* Everyday Killers

* Cold Fusion and the Future

* The Coming Energy Revolution

and much more...

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