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Insider Investment Guide

Dear Opportunity Seeker:

I have been an opportunity seeker for many years, searching for the ultimate investment. My search has come to an end! Normally only available to large institutional investors and super-wealthy individuals, now you can also benefit.

This is a passive investment. There is no work involved. No business plan or grant proposal is required. Profits range from 4:1 to 2,000:1 or more per year! Payouts can be on a monthly basis, depending on the particular investment program. The investment is legal, protected, guaranteed and secure. As an investor, your profits will soar.

Bank Debenture Trading

There is a little known but lucrative international investment. This investment involves the trading (forfaiting) of bank credit instruments (debentures), also known as known as "deferred payment," "delayed payment," or "stand-by credits." Until recently, trades were only available in minimum blocks of $100 million, but certain developments have allowed small investors to qualify. Profits range from 400% to 2,000% or more per year. The trading in "bank debenture instruments" is a multi trillion dollar industry worldwide. Top world banks (Money Center Banks) are authorized to issue blocks of debt instruments like Bank Purchase Orders (BPOs), Promissory Bank Notes or Bank Debenture Instruments (BDls) under International Chamber of Commerce guidelines (ICC -400 & 500).

Why Is This Investment Not More Widely Known?

There are many reasons why international bank debenture forfait trades are not advertised to the general public. Because of their extremely high yields, if banks were to openly advertise these transactions, they would be hard pressed to sell their bread-and-butter products, such as Certificates of Deposit yielding a mere 2-6% per year. Under the Glass-Steagal Act of 1933, U.S. Banks and Brokerage Houses are prohibited from offering such programs in domestic markets. Additionally, as a result of the 1929 stock market collapse, American bankers are severely restricted by regulatory procedures which make it impossible for them to offer these transactions to their U.S. clients.

Why is This a Safe Investment?

The Investor’s funds can be protected in a number of ways:

* Bank Guarantee from a Top Money Center Bank (Debenture or CD yielding 6%, 7% or 8% per year)

* 110% Treasury Bill held in escrow against principle

* Surety Bonds

* A top rated Bank Insurance Company insures the funds

* Various other protections

Sample Investment Programs Available

* Monthly investment programs: These are available at ROI’s of 7% ($100 min.), 12% ($1K min.) 8% ($2K min.) and 40% ($10K min.) per month. Funds can be compounded monthly

* Self-Liquidating Loan: ROI of 10:1 over a 275 day period. Minimum investment is $100.00.

* $100,000 minimum, secured by 110% T-Bill. 20% a month profit, compounded.

* $200,000 minimum, can yield $53 Million in 40 weeks, pooled and leveraged.

* Program involving day trades in the stock and commodity markets. 60:40 winners over losers. 20%-60% per month profit. $10,000 minimum investment.

* $100,000 minimum, pays 50% profit every 30 days, $12 Million per year. Principle and Profit Guaranteed.

* $3,000 minimum, earns 30% per month. Keep 10% of profits, re-invest the rest - after 1 year, profit is 10:1 on original investment.

* Program that earns 30% to 100% per month. Can be re-invested. $200,000 minimum. Investment is protected by Attorney’s Insurance and State. Bank Statement is all that is needed - No Proof of Funds, or Letter of Intent necessary - deal directly with attorney. Tightly controlled, lots of support, very reliable.

* $5,000 minimum, 8:1 return per month over a 12-month period. Top rated trading and banking firms.

* $5,000 min., earns 7:1 per month over 12 months, through leveraging into a $1 M program. Safe, reliable. No discounting.

* And many more...

But That's Not All...

We've crammed nearly 200 pages of insider investment knowledge and experience into this report. A few of the other sections include:

* All That Glisters...(how to invest in precious metals)

* How To Achieve Wealth The Easy Way

* Why Invest Globally?

* The History of Banks

* The Money Laundry

* Banks - Money from Nothing

* Central Banks, Gold, & Decline of the Dollar

* Business Financing: How To Find Money For Business Ventures Of All Sizes

* The Spirituality of Money: Investing Implications

* The Investor's Bill Of Rights

* What Every Investor Should Know

* And more...


"First I would like to compliment you on the wealth of information. Obviously you have put many hours and effort into each report. I have found all reports well thought out and very informative. I have enjoyed each one." ...Freeman W.

"I'm really excited about getting started" ...Phyllis J.

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