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How would you like to save hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars in legal costs and lawyer's fees in your day-to-day routine affairs?How would you like to protect your legal rights as a homeowner, landlord, consumer, creditor, borrower, small business owner, employer or employee?

How would you like to make sure that your personal assets are protected and your family is well taken care of in case something happened to you? How would you like to bring order to your personal affairs and make them "legally correct" so that you'll have the full protection of the law when you need it? Now there's an easy way to:

  • Help Yourself Without Costly Attorneys' Fees
  • Write Your Own Contracts and Agreements
  • Find the Right Legal Form from Dozens of Standard, Ready-to-Use Forms
  • Save Hundreds of Dollars

Now you can do all this with the help of the Legal Forms Assistant - and you will not incur huge attorneys' fees or other legal costs.  Here at your fingertip, you'll have just the right form you need for virtually any transaction.   Whether you're a homeowner or landlord consumer or small business owner, business partner, stockholder or investor or you simply wish to collect what's owed to you, you may find the right legal form in this handy Legal Forms Assistant kit.  (for a complete list of forms, click here)

We offer all these forms -- OVER 600 LEGAL FORMS -- for one low price. All complete!

A Written Agreement is Essential

In this day and age, it has become vitally important that almost all of our day-to-day transactions are in written form for our own protection. Whether you are dealing with a tenant, employee, business partner, creditor or borrower, bank, IRS or other governmental agency or even your own family member you need to "get it in writing."

Let me give you some examples where a contract or agreement has to be in written form in order to be valid.

Get the Full Protection of the Law

In many cases, unless your agreement is in writing and precisely worded, you may not have any recourse in a court of law.

Now you can have such protection without hiring the services of an expensive lawyer. The Legal Forms Assistant kit has over 600 of print-out or copy, fill-in-the-blanks contracts and agreements for most common types of business and personal transactions. In a few cases, we've included different versions of various popular forms, so you can select the one which best suits your needs

Various Situations Where You Can Use the Kit

Let me show you some other typical situations in which the Legal Forms Assistant kit can save you money and protect your interests,

What Do Attorneys Charge?

Let's face it. Most common transactions do not require the services of an expensive attorney:

Now you can have at your fingertip all the forms you need to carry on your day-to-day affairs and have the benefit of a written document that spells out the terms and obligations of the parties.

A Legal Form for Virtually Any Business or Personal Transaction

  1. Real Estate - Homeowner
  2. Leases and Tenancies
  3. Loans/Debts
  4. Credit and Collections
  5. Sale of Personnel Property
  6. Small Business
  7. Partnership
  8. Employment
  9. Sale of Goods
  10. Power of Attorney
  11. Personal
  12. And much more (over 1,300 pages worth!)

Now you can create over 600 various legal forms for your business, employment, partnership, real estate, credit and personal transactions on your computer.

Simply look at the entire array of legal forms you can now have at your fingertip. You'll never be at a loss when you enter into any business deal or want to protect your personal affairs or family. To prepare just one form, an attorney may charge hundreds of dollars. Your savings with the legal forms software may well run into thousands of dollars. There's simply no better protection than a well-prepared legal document that defines your intentions, rights and responsibilities. Now you can do all that practically for pennies.

In this day and age, oral agreements are simply not enough; you need a precisely-worded legal document to back up your agreement and secure your rights. Without it you're leaving yourself open to other people's mercy. So go ahead and send for the Legal Forms Assistant kit today and enjoy peace of mind.


The Legal Forms Assistant kit. One handy, priceless collection of forms for virtually any occasion. Applies to both business and personal transactions. For many of the same forms, an attorney may charge hundreds of dollars and he may do nothing more than fill in the blanks.

Write your own contracts. Often you're faced with some simple, commonplace transactions that require you to put them in written form.  For instance, borrowing or lending money or property, buying or selling personal property, settling some minor legal disputes.  Now you can use the Legal Forms Assistant kit to write your own contract.  You may find a form that fits the situation perfectly or you can adapt one with minor modifications to suit your needs.

Satisfaction Guaranteed - Or Your Money Back

If for any reason you feel that the Legal Forms Assistant kit cannot help you in your daily, commonplace transactions in the manner promised you here, after trying it for 90 days, simply return it for an immediate refund. No questions asked. You risk nothing.

Send for it now while you're thinking about it.

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All reports are sent in computer format via download, email or on disk.   You will receive the download codes via email within an hour of approval of your order.  Upon request we will send the disks by mail or report by email.


P.S. From personal, experience, I know how vitally important it is to get your common, day-to-day transactions in writing, and I also know how hard it is to find just the right form you need without spending a bundle on attorneys' fees. Next time you're looking for the right legal form for virtually any transaction, you won't have to search very far. You'll find it in the Legal Forms Assistant kit. Use a form as it is or adapt it to your situation. The kit explains the basic application of each form. Use just one form and you may have saved enough money to cover the cost of this handy Legal Forms Assistant kit several times over.

Most of the work done by legal secretaries or paralegals is nothing more that filling in the blanks. What the majority of the legal profession doesn't want you to know is that anyone, yes!, Anyone!, Can do what they do. It is my honest opinion that the legal profession is in a sad state of Affairs. Any document drawn up by one lawyer will be challenged by another Lawyer if he is paid to do so. No matter how correct or exact it is, some Other lawyer will find fault with it if there is a fee to be made. It is the business of lawyers to make things so complicated that they cannot be understood. Lawyers are not paid to fix things or fight for justice, they are paid to argue, confuse, obfuscate, and prolong things.

They get paid for keeping things from happening. This is only one of the many reasons why simple trials that should only take hours to decide normally take weeks, months, and sometimes years.


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