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[  ] Credit Magic & Financial Secrets - ONLY $19.95 (reg. $39.95)    (570 pages)
             Erase bad credit. 10 years of AAA credit within weeks.  And much more... Results Guaranteed!   There IS life after debt.
[  ] Insider Investment Guide - $19.95    (200 pages)
             Learn how 'insiders' are making up to 2,000% returns on bank guaranteed investments.  Make money like the banks do.
[  ] Government Giveaways - $9.95    (250 pages)
             Buy cars, houses, seized goods, and much more for pennies on the dollar. Amazing wholesale prices at Govt Sales + more!

[  ] Legal Forms Assistant - $19.95    (1,300 pages)
             Over 1,100 pages of 500+ priceless collection of legal forms for any occasion.  Save $$$ thousands in legal fees.
[  ] Business Letters Maker - $19.95    (615 pages) 
             Over 615 pages of 530+ useful business letters for any need.  Save hundreds of hours.  Produce professional letters easily.

[  ] Free Energy Projects - $24.95    (225 pages)  
             Run your car on water, and over 20 other free energy projects and diagrams, plus a complete list of patents + more!
[  ] Zero Point Energy Insights  - $14.95    (315 pages) 
             Learn about the energy source of the future -- how it works and how to harness it. Clean, cheap, and abundant energy.
[  ] New Energy Future - $14.95   (210 pages)  
             Learn about the dramatic changes that will affect all humanity.  Where to invest in the Apple's and Microsoft's of tomorrow.

If your order is over $50, please select a Free Bonus Book:
  [  ] 100 Books for an Education               [  ] Benjamin Franklin Autobiography    
  [  ] Occult Technology of Power             [  ] Acres of Diamonds by Russel Conwell
  [  ] As a Man Thinketh by James Allen     [  ] The Art of War by Sun Tzu    [  ] The Prince by Machiavelli

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