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"Thus he then classified living creatures into genera and species, and divided them in every way until he came to their elements, which he called the five shapes and bodies - aether, fire, water, earth and air."
                                   - Xenocrates, On the life of Plato
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Many physicists know that we are immersed in an energetic field. The existence of zero point electromagnetic energy was discovered in 1958 by the Dutch physicist M J Sparnaay. Mr Sparnaay continued the experiments carried out by Hendrik B G Casimir in 1948 which showed the existence of a force between two uncharged parallel plates which arose from electromagnetic radiation surrounding the pates in a vacuum. Mr Sparnaay discovered that the forces acting on the plates arose from not only thermal energy, but also from another type of radiation now known as classical electromagnetic zero point energy. Mr Sparnaay determined that not only did the zero point electromagnetic energy exist in a vacuum, but also that it persisted even at a temperature of absolute zero. 

This term Zero Point Energy has been based on the concept that even if matter were cooled down to absolute zero (minus 273oC), in terms of its temperature, this energy still remains. Because it exists in a vacuum, ZPE is homogenous and isotropic as well as ubiquitous. In addition, since ZPE is also invariant with respect to Lorentz transformation, the ZPE spectrum has the characteristic that the intensity of the energy at any frequency is proportional to the cube of that frequency. 

Consequently, the intensity of the energy increases resulting in an infinite energy density for the radiation spectrum. It appears that this energy is quite intense.  Nobel Laureate Richard Feynman and one of Einstein’s protégés, John Wheeler, calculated that there is more than enough energy in the volume of a coffee cup to evaporate all the worlds’ oceans.  We fail to easily recognize this immense energy source as it is analogous to trying to weigh a beaker of water underneath the ocean.

With the introduction of zero point energy into the classical electron theory, a vacuum at a temperature of absolute zero is no longer considered empty of all electromagnetic fields. Instead, the vacuum is now considered as filled with randomly fluctuating fields having the ZPE spectrum. It is thought that one of the most extraordinary manifestations of ZPE is the random intense fluctuations in energy levels of electrons.  Electrons are continuously changing state: energy into matter and back into energy again, as Einstein revealed.

Special characteristics of ZPE are that it has a virtually infinite energy density and that it is ubiquitous (even present in outer space), and these make it very desirable as an energy source.

Andre Sakharov, the Soviet Physicist, argued that we should regard all matter as floating in a sea of energy.  Modern physics tells us that the space between the stars and the space between the particles that which make up matter are filled with vast amounts of fluctuating energy: fluctuations that are fundamental to our view of the fabric of nature.

However, because high energy densities exist at very high frequencies, and because conventional methods are able to convert or extract energy effectively or efficiently only at lower frequencies at which ZPE has relatively low energy densities, effectively tapping this energy source has been believed to be unavailable using conventional techniques for converting this electromagnetic energy to electrical or other forms of easily useable energy.

Consequently, zero point electromagnetic energy which may potentially be used to power interplanetary craft as well as provide for society’s other needs has remained unharnessed, until now.

Various researchers around the world have been discovering scientific anomalies which are being attributed to the conversion of ZPE.  It is also thought that discovering the secret of ZPE could be the key to opening the door to a unified theory of the Universe.  In other words, our current understanding of science is like a puzzle with a large missing piece.  ZPE would be the missing piece which completes the picture, possibly ushering a "Second Coming" of science.

In essence, the implication of this energy field, is that all physical matter can be considered to be floating in a sea of energy, which if collected and converted into electrical energy, could more than meet the world’s insatiable energy demand.

Learn more about this energy source -- how it works, and how to tap and harness its awesome power, in over 300 pages of detailed explanations and theory by the best minds in field:

Dr Harold Puthoff, Thomas E Bearden, Michael Odenwald, Toby Grotz, Arthur C Clarke, Ken Shoulders, Timothy Boyer, Richard Feynman, Bernhard Haisch, Alfonso Rueda, Hendrik Casimir, Dr Steve Lamoreaux, Peter Hahn, Newton, Albert Einstein, Maxwell, Nikola Tesla, Walter Russel,  Paul Stowe, Warren York, Mathew Campbell, Henry Warren, Dr Robert Forward, and more...

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